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First impressions can often be lasting impressions, and a fit mind, body and great communication skills can help you with that. Whether its a work related presentation, a personal project or even a family gathering, your overall fitness and development can help you boost your confidence greatly.

Now wouldn't it be great if you could improve your fitness and English language skills while also saving some serious money? That is exactly what we are offering.

At Wall Street English, you can sign up to learn English for 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, or more and study at your own pace, fast or slow. No one can stop you from learning. This way you can customize and manage your own classes and the program is flexible to your time and requirements.

Our teachers are highly qualified native English speaking CELTA teachers to guarantee you a premium quality learning experience. Join us and find out why we are the Global Leader in teaching English to adults.

Remember, at Wall Street English, you decide when to learn! No missed classes and no fixed timetables! Come and see why we are the GOLD STANDARD of English language training. Some of our key features include:

  • Personalised Courses for Individual Needs
  • Flexible Learning Schedules (Part Time and Full Time courses, open everyday 10am – 10pm)
  • Small classes sizes giving you personalised QUALITY time with your teacher
  • CELTA Qualified, Experienced, Native Speaking Teachers guaranteed



Wall Street English together with its fitness partner F45 Training KLCC is offering you an amazing chance to learn and improve your English skills in a world class multicultural and vibrant environment together with the opportunity to get started on your personal fitness in a fun and social fitness studio.


You can now enroll at Wall Street Malaysia for an English course and get ONE month FREE membership to F45. Enter your details on the form on this page to get started if you're interested and we will contact you within 24 hours to help. So why wait? Start today and improve your skills and confidence, in both English and fitness training.

By joining us now, you will get:

  • Free 1-Month Membership at F45 Training KLCC (Jalan Pinang)
  • You may join a class everyday (except Sundays) for the whole month
  • 15% Special WSE Student discount to continue your membership after the first month
  • The best team training available in Malaysia, at an Australian Fitness Center where you can improve your English at the same time.